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The NHS has information on:

Antenatal appointments
You'll be offered screening tests and antenatal checks including blood pressure and urine.

Including flu and whooping cough during pregnancy.

Working during pregnancy
Including coping with symptoms and your rights at work.

Staying healthy
Including exercise, diet, supplements and free Healthy Start vitamins/vouchers during pregnancy.

Harmful substances
Including smoking, alcohol  and drugs.

Advice for dads and partners
You can also contact Family Lives for confidential advice.



Who to talk to


0-12 months


Who to talk to


1-4 years



Who to talk to


5+ years



Who to talk to


Mental health and relationships


Special educational needs and disabilities


Best Start Herts

What is Best Start Herts?

We want to ensure that all children in Hertfordshire have the best start in life and that no family is left behind, regardless of income or background.

To do this, we help families to access:

  • Information and advice
  • Services that are available to everyone, as well as specialist services where they're needed.

We call this collection of support 'Best Start Herts'.

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