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Health visitors are nurses or midwives who specialise in the health and development of pre-school children.

If you're a Hertfordshire resident, you can get confidential health advice and support, from pregnancy right through to your little one turning 5 years old.

You'll find your health visiting team contact in your Red Book.

You can get in touch with the health visiting service on 0300 123 7572.

No appointment is necessary as we offer walk in clinics.

Hertfordshire health visitors can help with...

  • antenatal visits
  • new birth visit
  • post-natal depression
  • your child’s growth and development
  • feeding your baby, including breast feeding, introducing solids, healthy diet, hygiene, safety and exercise
  • behaviour difficulties (including sleeping, eating, potty training and teething)
  • immunisations
  • some medication prescriptions
  • common infections and skin problems in childhood
  • support for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • domestic abuse.


Post-natal visits

Health visitors in Hertfordshire generally contact you 4–7 days after your baby is born.

They'll arrange to visit you at home when your baby is 10–14 days old. This is called a new birth visit. At this point, your health visitor takes over from your community midwife.



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