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Attending a clinic during Covid

If we need to see you at one of our clinics, please wear a face mask to your appointment. Your child does not need to wear one.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that all our clinic buildings are safe, including installing perspex screens at reception desks and arranging seating so that people can keep a safe distance apart.

Health visitors are nurses or midwives who specialise in the health and development of pre-school children.

They offer confidential health advice and support to Hertfordshire residents, from pregnancy right through to your little one turning 5 years old.

How to get in touchWhat they can help withWhen they'll contact you


How to get in touch with a health visitor

We’ll write to you when we’re ready to review your child. You can also:

  • find your health visiting team contact in your Red Book.
  • call the health visiting service on 0300 123 7572 to get advice over the phone.


What health visitors can help with

Whether it's at a home visit, over the phone or at a baby clinic, our health visitors can offer advice on:

  • post-natal depression
  • emotional support
  • your child’s growth and development
  • feeding your baby, including breast feeding and introducing solids.
  • healthy eating and exercise
  • staying safe and preventing accidents
  • behaviour difficulties (including sleeping, eating, potty training and teething)
  • immunisations
  • some medication prescriptions
  • common infections and skin problems in childhood
  • support for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • domestic abuse.

There's self-help information available online too.

Baby and toddler health clinics during Covid

We’re unable to offer the traditional drop in Baby and Toddler health clinics. From September onwards we will:

  • Offer telephone/video support, and an appointment only clinic for issues which cannot be resolved by phone/video.
  • Introduce a schedule for growth monitoring (where the team will weigh your baby), plus self-weigh stations for parents/carers and their babies.


Your health visitor will contact you...

We’ll write to you when we’re ready to review your child. We're reviewing all children to ensure we see them according to needs as well as the time they’ve been waiting.

Find out more about these baby reviews, including what happens at each review, what tests they'll carry out and what they'll talk to you about.

Health and development reviews during Covid

We're offering reviews to 1 and 2 and a half year olds, but if your child’s review was due between November 2020 and March 2021 it may be delayed.

We'll send you a letter to arrange your review.

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