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Hertfordshire County Council

Childhood infections like measles and whooping cough are rising, with outbreaks across the country.

Such infections can have a huge impact on your child’s life. They can miss out on school due to time spent unwell, be hospitalised, and even experience life-long complications and disability.

If your child isn’t vaccinated, they’re not protected.

It is important for parents to take up the offer of the NHS’ free childhood immunisation programme as soon as they are offered ensure your child has the best protection.

However, if you or your child have missed a vaccine, it is never too late to check if you can catch up.

We are calling on all parents to check their child’s Red Book to see if the children have missed any vaccines or check with their GP if they are unsure. 

Please visit for the full immunisation timetable and information on how to book. explains the difference between immunisations and vaccinations .


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