Transitions FAQs


I didnít like school, will that mean my child will think the same?

No. Even though you may not have enjoyed school, that doesnít mean your child will feel the same. Remember to stay positive about their new experience.


My child canít write their name, does this mean they canít start school?

No. Not many children can write their name when they first go to school and all children develop differently. The staff are trained to support your child and help them to meet their developmental milestones.


Will my child be expected to sit at a desk all day?

No. Children learn best through play. The staff will provide an enabling environment to support all areas of your childís learning.


My child sometimes needs support with the toilet, will this be ok?

Yes. Please discuss your childís toileting needs with the staff to ensure consistency and that they are aware of any concerns you may have.


My child gets upset when I am not with them, what can I do to support them?

It is natural for both you and your child to feel anxious about the new routine you now have, but by using the strategies we have shared, this will support not only you but your child feel prepared for their new journey.


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