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Due to Covid-19, a number of our services were temporarily suspended or reduced.

We’re now restarting some of these, but our waiting lists are longer than usual and we’re not able to see all children as quickly as we would like.

Health visiting

Health reviews

We’ll write to you when we’re ready to review your child. We're reviewing all children to ensure we see them according to needs as well as the time they’ve been waiting.

We may offer you an appointment by phone or video call to help discuss your child’s development and assess what you may need. We’ll let you know what to expect and ask you to confirm whether you have a mobile, tablet or computer for video calls.

Baby and toddler health clinics

We’re unable to offer the traditional drop in Baby and Toddler health clinics. From September onwards we will:

  • Offer telephone/video support, and an appointment only clinic for issues which cannot be resolved by phone/video.
  • Introduce a schedule for growth monitoring (where the team will weigh your baby), plus self-weigh stations for parents/carers and their babies.

Attending a clinic

If we need to see you in one of our clinic buildings, please wear a face mask to your appointment. Your child does not need to wear one.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that all our clinic buildings are safe, including installing perspex screens at reception desks and arranging seating so that people can keep a safe distance apart.

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