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Due to Covid-19, a number of our services were temporarily suspended or reduced.

We’re now restarting some of these, but our waiting lists are longer than usual and we’re not able to see all children as quickly as we would like.

As regulations change over coming months we'll ensure that we offer as many face to face services as possible.

Please be assured that whilst we may not be able to host large groups, our centres have been in regular use for the delivery of one to one support to a large number of individual families and more recently for the introduction of Self-Weigh Stations.

We're working hard to continue to adapt as much of our programme as possible to be able to offer support to families virtually.

Parental support groups

We're pleased to announce that we're reintroducing some face-to-face parental support groups.

As you'll be aware the current Covid-19 regulations do not allow anyone to gather in a social group of more than 6 adults and children, indoors or outdoors, unless an exemption applies.

Our parenting groups are considered ‘support groups’, which means they are exempt from the rule of 6.

Support group gatherings may be up to 15 people (adults, children and staff), as long as 2 metre social distancing and COVID secure requirements are adhered to.

To ensure we adhere to the Covid guidance we have assessed each of our Family Centres with regard to the maximum number of people they can safely accommodate.

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